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A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Five Study

Moving on, we'll take a look at chapter five which really tells the children what they are up against and what they'll be doing.  Here is the link to this section on SparkNotes, which I will of course continue to reference: 

My notes:

Chapter Five-The Tesseract


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  1. Think back to Meg's description of two dimensional. “A flat square would be in the second dimension.” Why can't they stop on the two-dimensional planet? Had you ever considered the idea that there was a whole planet devoted to the idea of two-dimensional objects?
  2. Google the term “orion's belt stars.” Take a look at the children's first stop after leaving Uriel. Do you think it would be interesting to be able to travel about space like they are doing now? If you could do it, which constellation would you visit first?
  3. Mrs. Whatsit said they took a time tesser as well as the space tesser we already knew about. Do you suppose that Mrs. Murry will believe anything that Meg and Charles Wallace try to tell her when they get back?
  4. What do you suppose Mrs. Whatsit meant when she said, “And if something goes terribly wrong it won't matter whether we ever get back at all.”
  5. If you'll recall, “happy medium” was referenced several chapters back when Mrs. Murry was speaking with Meg. In this chapter, we see the phrase “happy medium” put into a three-dimensional being. Describe her here.
  6. “There will no longer be so many pleasant things to look at if responsible people do not do something about the unpleasant ones.” What do you think this means to the story? What could it mean to our world here and now?

    Some interesting notes from SparkNotes:

    -This chapter clearly shows L-Engle's understanding of time and space, of science.
    -We see more of Meg's character here and her desire to understand everything.
    -Calvin and Charles Wallace list great religious leaders and artists while Meg lists only mathematicians and scientists.  This points to the idea that Meg is still unable to grasp any concept that is beyond our realm of logical thinking or understanding.
    -Meeting the "happy medium" reminds Meg of her mother's advice from chapter one.
    -Meg's impatience rears its head here again toward the end of the chapter when she longs to see her father.

    **FYI, I'll be taking the week off of blogging next week! Chapter 6 will be posted on or around 7/30!

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