Monday, July 30, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Six

I'm back! And we're moving on to chapter six. Again, these are the SparkNotes available for free that go alongside my own literary guide questions:

 Chapter Six- The Happy Medium


seethe           writhe          anticlimax           faltered          chiding          propitious
wheedled      unkempt      myopic               eon                precipitously

  1. Talk to me about what the happy medium showed the children in regards to the Dark Thing and the stars. What happened?
  2. Describe the differences between Calvin's house and Meg's house when the Happy Medium tuned into their homes. Which was more loving? More calm? More angry? More overwhelmed?
  3. “Stay angry, little Meg,” Mrs. Whatsit whispered. Why does she want her to stay angry? Is there such a thing as “justifiable anger” and do you think it is present here? If not, what do you think about that phrase from Mrs. Whatsit?
  4. What is your impression of Camazotz? Do you have any idea how they are doing everything in exactly the same rhythm? Do you see any foreshadowing here and what is it?
  5. Think back on Meg's faults (we discussed them back in chapter 1, remember?), do you see any places where they may be helping her in this chapter? Remember, Mrs. Whatsit said she would need her faults here.
  6. What do you think an aberration is in Camazotz? Think about all the woman says and all they've seen so far. With that in mind, why are they afraid? What's your guess?

    Some noteworthy notes from SparkNotes:

    - Meg is continually learning in this chapter that "people are far more complex and complicated than they initially appear."
    - Camazotz shows us the dangers of a world that has no creativity or individuality within it.
    - Camazotz represents Meg's desire for conformity and shows her what it would be like if she had her wish and there were no "oddballs."
    -Camazotz is named for a malignant Mexican deity worshipped as a dark and evil vampire."
    - Both Camazotz and Meg's hometown are devoid of love, however, Meg doesn't see the parallels between the two places yet.

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