Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Homeschooling Decision

I recently made the bold decision to homeschool ALL of my children.  Prior to this year, I homeschooled all of them for preschool-teaching letters, numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, etc-but promptly quit and sent them on to public school for kindergarten.  That all changed a couple of years ago.

After being left behind for a few school years, Shaun and I decided it was time for our oldest to stay home.  We felt he would thrive at home with one on one attention and do much better.  And guess what? He did!  His grades improved and he was a different kid.  That was fifth grade.

Fast forward to this coming school year and all of the kids are home.  Andrew will be in seventh grade, Lukas in fourth, Lily in first, and Ian in preschool.  I've surfed the internet, googled, asked around on message boards, and done all that I could to find the free stuff, the inexpensive stuff, the stuff that will work for our family.

These are some of my favorite sites that have free stuff:

There are definitely more and I'll share them as time goes on.  But there is something lacking from the majority of these sites.  And that something is an aim at anyone older than fifth or sixth grade, at the most.  And this is a problem.  Sure, there are a few bloggers and some lesser known sites to find the middle school and high school stuff, but not nearly enough.  What begins as a somewhat simple adventure-homeschooling your child on a tiny budget-quickly grows to this difficult task as they get older!  It's discouraging.

This is a picture of the majority of our curriculum for this year for all four kids.  Some things are missing, some things need some help to become something noteworthy...we have "Swiss Family Robinson" and "Treasure Island" there, for example, but need a list of questions and vocabulary to go along with them.

So now that I've seen the problem, I intend to do something about it.  With a little legwork on my part, I can and do plan to create my own literary study guides for books that both Andrew and I will enjoy.  The first one will begin with chapter one tomorrow.  It's "A Wrinkle in Time."

I'll see you tomorrow! :)

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