Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Two

Welcome back to chapter two!  Again, I'll be using the free SparkNotes guide to go along with my own stuff from here: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/wrinkle/section2.rhtml

My questions and vocab/spelling:

Chapter Two- Mrs. Who


unceremoniously      avid        ferocious        belligerent         tractable
bacteriology            antagonistic          peremptory        inadvertently         indignation

  1. At school, the teachers say Meg has an “attitude.” Describe it and tell me two ways she could improve it.

  1. Pushing up her glasses is described as meg's “characteristic gesture.” What would be yours if you were in a book?

  1. Knowing Mr. Wallace is a physicist, what do you think happened to him? Why has it “been so long since the last letter?”

  1. What do you think causes Calvin's “compulsions?” Have you ever experienced anything like that?

  1. At the end of this chapter, Mrs. Who said Mr. Murry needed their help. What's your prediction?

Summarize chapter two using as many sentences as necessary:

Some interesting items from SparkNotes:

-"Critics have compared Meg's frustration with the useless information she learns in school to L'Engle's personal frustration with the narrowness of certain Christian doctrines. Just as L'Engle understands her novels as part of a constant quest to find a meaningful theology from among thickets of empty doctrine and repressive dogma, Meg insists on trying to find meaning and purpose in a tedious and seemingly pointless pedagogical exercise."
- Considering the large number of things that Meg can't seem to understand-memorization in school, the conversation between Charles Wallace, Calvin, and Mrs. Who, for example- Mrs. Murry's comment makes all of this make much more sense: "You don't need to understand things for them to be."
-At various points in the story, each of the three main characters here (Meg, Charles, and Calvin) express an inability to understand some part of their life.  For example, Charles can "read" Meg and his mother but he doesn't know how.
-Meg admits to knowing one thing for certain in this chapter: that Charles Wallace loves her.

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