Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Art Class

We've all got certain requirements that our states want us to meet and one of those here in Pennsylvania is art.  In our portfolios, we must show evidence of art somewhere.  This is easier with one of my children than some of the others as he is very into drawing!  In fact, he's spent the last several weeks learning about cartooning online!

I grew up attending public school and hating the whole learning process, so the fact that my wonderful child wants to learn something new over the summer is still mind-boggling to me sometimes but then I remember: this is one of the big reasons I am homeschooling them!  I want them to learn NOW what it took me so long to realize. Learning should be a fun, life-long, enjoyable experience.

Anyway, here's a picture he's recently done:

This picture was done by my upcoming fourth grader using instruction that he received here:

This was one of his first pictures.  Since then, he has done dozens more, several of which have made the cut to the portfolio for this year.

Some other free art sites we like:

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