Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dinosaur Unit Study with Notebooking Pages!

Before we officially kick off our homeschool year, we'll ease into it with a week-long unit study on dinosaurs.  Now this subject is tricky in our house as we are a Christian family and I'm not ready to introduce evolution or the big bang theory to most of my children (the seventh grader already knows about these).

Whether you're interested in introducing those subjects or not, I've got some fun websites, books, and activities planned for the week that I thought I'd share with you all! We'll be discussing things like what the different dinosaurs ate, their size, fossils and where/how to find them, and more.

The websites we'll be using, both for information and activities/projects:

1. http://christiananswers.net/dinosaurs/
2. http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2009/05/fossil-casts-dinosaur-art-project-1.html
3. http://www.magictreehouse.com/#teachers_resource_center
4. http://www.pbs.org/teachers/search/resources/?q=dinosaurs&x=0&y=0
5. http://www.rocksforkids.com/R&M/fossils.htm
6. http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/dinosaur-crafts.htm
7. http://www.history.com/search?search-field=Dinosaurs
8. http://www.uky.edu/KGS/education/activities.htm
9. http://www.homeschoolshare.com/dinosaurs.php

Books we're using:

1. Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark
2. Magic Tree House Sunset of the Sabertooth
3. Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #1 Dinosaurs
4. Bones Rock! Everything You Need to Know to be a Paleontologist
5. Eyewitness Handbooks Fossils
6. The Mystery of History
7. From This Earth Fossils
8. The Nature and Science of Fossils
9. Jurassic Park Istitute Dinsaur Field Guide
10. National Geographic Dinosaurs
11. Dinosaur Mummies Beyond Bare-Bone Fossils
12. Dragonbreath Series Books (okay, so they aren't dinosaurs but it DOES get my fourth grader reading for the new school year, lol)

We'll also be doing several notebooking pages. There are tons available online both for free and for purchase.  You can also easily make your own.  You can see some of the ones I've created below. Feel free to use them in your own notebooking if you wish!


Danielle Prielipp said...

This could be a fun article to use as a complement to a Dinosaur Unit. It investigates whether or not Jurassic Park could happen in real life!


Kristi26 said...

That would be fun! Thanks for sharing it! :)

nacolesiver said...

Thanks! I'm going to do a dinosaur unit study for our daughter (1st grade) this fall. Appreciate your ideas!