Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maia of Thebes notebooking pages

The fourth grader and I started reading one of his books for school this week, "Maia of Thebes." Maia is a little girl living in ancient Egypt with her aunt, uncle, and brother.  More than anything she wants to be a scribe.  But there's just one problem, girls cannot learn to be scribes so Maia must learn in secret.

Notebooking is something that I really wanted to do with my kids this year.  It was a fun way to review what they learned while also creating some great pages for their portfolios.  We are only a few pages into our notebooking journey with this book, but I wanted to share our first few pages awhile.  I'll add more as we get more but for now, here are the pages for the first six chapters of the book, "Maia of Thebes."

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