Thursday, December 6, 2012

Practicing Fine Motor Skills

I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago with the kidlets and they were all sitting around making melty bead projects.  Everyone, that is, except my youngest.  He was getting very frustrated with the tiny pieces and couldn't seem to make it work.

The BFF quickly took out some biggie beads for him and had him try those.  He could do those! It seemed that the problem was his fine motor skills.  I knew I needed to do something about it.  This particular child has always been on the backside of normal for all of his developmental milestones and would need some mommy intervention to help him improve.

Enter the fine motor skills activities.  Among many google searches, I found this particular site: and used some of the ideas with things I had around the house.

These were our favorites:

1. The Button Game: Put buttons in one bowl.  Using tweezers, the child transfers the buttons from the full bowl to the empty bowl.

2. The Pouring Game: We put marbles and small toys into a cup and then he poured them back and forth.  He actually played with this one for about ten minutes! It's the little things, I suppose.

3. Snowmen: Next, we got out the playdoh and I demonstrated how to make snowmen. Then, it was his turn.

4. The Birdy Catches the Worms: He did this one really well but only wanted to do it once.  He seemed to like the worms. To do it, we cut up a couple of pipe cleaners and bent the small pieces to make our "worms" and then he used a clothespin as his "beak" to catch the worms.

These are only a few of the tons of activities on that blog! Go check it out for even more fine motor skills practice!

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