Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Ever wonder what goes on day to day in a homeschooling house?  Well, I don't know about everyone else's house but this is the way things went at our house today (at least, for the school hours). So for all those of you who might be tempted to ask, "what DO you do all day?" here you go! :)

7:30am: All 4 kids are awake and watching tv.
8:00: Oldest kid starts looking at his email to see where he should start for the day
8:30am: I'm printing out worksheets for all 3 big kids while Lily works on her phonics paper and the 2 older boys are doing art on their tablets. Ian watches TV
8:35am: Lily is doodling on her phonics sheet and when asked what she is doing, she cries that she doesn't get it.  Mommy to the rescue!
9:00am: Andrew is emailing me his art project, Lukas is working on spanish, and Lily is working on Science by watching an informative episode of Wild Kratts or Nature, sometimes Magic School Bus
9:30am: Her science episode is over and she is orally narrating what she learned while I write it for her to copy (onto a notebooking sheet) on a white board.  She starts copying that and Ian starts playing his letter matching game at the table. Lukas is working on a math worksheet while Andrew reads.

9:45am: Ian is tired of his letter game and wants something else.  I give him a pile of farm animals to sort by color. Lily fills in her math paper (very speedily I might add!) and asks what's next.
10am: Lily takes a break to watch some Labyrinth with Ian and they have a snack of hummus and crackers. Andrew is still reading and Lukas needs redirecting.

10:15am: Lily studies pronouns for grammar, Lukas continues his math worksheet, Andrew is still reading.

10:30am: Lily listens as I read a chapter of Charlotte's Web to her, then she gives me an oral narration which I write down for her.  She adds a picture of what happened at the bottom of the page.  Lukas is still working on his math sheet and Andrew is just about finished with his chapter.
10:45am: Andrew's oral narration while Lukas continues that math paper and Lily plays Noah's ark with Ian (we have this old pop-up book with animals)

10:50am: Andrew types his own written narration
11am: Lily reads a chapter of Mr. Putter and Tabby to me, Lukas is STILL doing math (which is odd, he usually zips through it), and Andrew is now reading his Science chapter.
11:15am: I check on Lukas AGAIN and discover that he is feeding his "fish" on his tablet, not doing math.  Mystery solved.  When confronted about this (and tablet taken), he turns on the tears and says he doesn't get his math.  I put on a video on long division to give him a different perspective on it. Magically, he is able to finish the worksheet.
11:40am: Break for lunch for Lily and Ian while Andrew continues reading his Science chapter and Lukas does his last few math problems.
12:10pm: Break for lunch for Andrew and Lukas

12:15pm: Lily and I go through a chapter or two of "Tree in the Trail" for geography. She marks her map that goes with it.  I notice that Ian is watching too much TV today.
12:30pm: Lukas and Lily listen as I read their chapter from our history book.  We go over some questions at the end and then do some mapwork. Ian sits up to play with Playdoh.

12:50pm: Lily is done with school for the day and goes off to play with Ian.  Andrew finishes up his Science chapter while Lukas works on reading the right Science chapter today (since I gave him the wrong page numbers yesterday).

1:00pm: Andrew works on reading his chapter for history and doing his mapwork. Lily and Ian go up to my bed for Ian's quiet time so they can watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (the creepy version, it's Ian's favorite). When I get there, I discover my bed has been ripped apart for the 2nd time in 12 hours. I get annoyed and fix the bed. Again.
1:15pm: I notice that the older boys are still in pajamas so I send them up to get dressed. Lukas returns and sets to work reading Farmer Boy while Andrew gets to work on his English assignments from co-op. I'm pretty sure Ian is already passed out for his nap, er, I mean quiet time. ;)
2:00pm: Lukas gives me an oral summary of his chapter and then types his own written summary. Andrew moves on to math.
2:40pm: Everyone is finally done with school for the day! Ian is awake and ready to go with the rest of his day!

The rest of the afternoon will be spent doing chores, playing on tablets (for those who haven't lost that privilege, figuring out dinner, playing with Ian, etc. until Daddy gets home and then it will be more playing together and spending time together with the extra fun parent! Lol. ;)

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