Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Charlotte Mason/living books/hands-on History Curriculum: Year Two, Term One

All right, here it is! The long-awaited year two of my free History Curriculum! :)  This is mostly just things we've done this year, though it also includes some items that I wish we'd done and that we WILL do when we get back around to this year plan again! For example, I found a used copy of The Usborne Time Traveler, which I love, and want to use later. :)

Keep in mind that you can substitute your own activities and/or books where you'd like to.  I have scheduled a couple of GA Henty books in here and I know not everyone loves them.  So if you have a better alternative that you'd like to share, please comment! I'd love to hear them!

Here's the link to the term:


I'll make updates as necessary and will share some related items listed in this term later in the week. :)


hlmiller69 said...

Is there a History Year 1 posted somewhere? This looks wonderful!

Kristi26 said...

I am still working on getting year 1 together. I hope to have it all finished and posted by the end of the summer. Thanks! :)