Thursday, April 25, 2013

Portfolio Time!

It's that time of year again and this year, I have three portfolios to assemble! We're in Pennsylvania, so I have to follow their rules.  If you need some PA help, check out this site:

These are our portfolios this year.  Nothing fancy, just three three-ring binders from Walmart in my kids' favorite colors to help me keep track of which one belongs to which kid.

Inside, I have a calendar that I printed out keeping track of the days they attended, followed by our "permission paper" from the school to remind them that they approved us for this already, and then I added an evaluation of Lily's year done by me.  I'll add a list of our field trips to this front section. There's also space for the evaluator's form(s).

After that, we have a section for each subject taught this year with summaries of that subject and a resource list for each one.  They include Language Arts, Social Studies (this includes History, PA History, People and Cultures, and Geography), Science, Math, Art and Music, Health and Safety. They look like this:

And each of those sections also has examples of their work.  Because we are in PA, and my daughter attended a cyber school for kindergarten, we have to submit a portfolio for her as well in first grade.  These examples are from her portfolio:

Hopefully this helps you all out in your own portfolio assembly! Have a great weekend!

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