Monday, May 6, 2013

Biography Review: Childhood of Famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin Young Printer Week One Questions

During year 3, some of my kids will be reading about Benjamin Franklin.  In order to confirm reading comprehension and show that they've read the chapters, I have questions prepared for each chapter.  The following questions are for chapters one through four and are intended for the first week of this reading.

Chapter One

1. How old is Ben in this chapter?
2. What are his parents' names?
3. What is his father's job?
4. What does his father wish he could do for Ben?
5. What did Ben promise he would not do?

Chapter Two

1. Whose turn is it to tell a story on story night?
2. What was the name of Ben's story character?
3. what is "the rule" they refer to?
4. How did Ben break "the rule" in the chapter?
5. What happened when he broke it?

Chapter Three

1. Where does Ben go to school?
2. Who are his teachers?
3. Which guest doesn't give the children any lessons?
4. What does he talk about instead?
5. What lesson does father give the children after their guest leaves?

Chapter Four

1. About whom does Abiah tell the children?
2. What are some of the jobs he did?
3. What does Ben want to do when he is grown?
4. What happened to Ben's grandpa in the woods?
5. What was he paid with in the end?

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