Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Biography Review: Childhood of Famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin Young Printer Week Two Questions

Good morning! Here are the week two reading questions for Benjamin Franklin.

Chapter Five

1. What professions were held by the three grand gentlemen?
2. Why are the three grand gentlemen there and what do they agree to do?
3. Where does Ben go to school in this chapter and what does he think should be the name of the school? Why?
4. What happens on visitation day?
5. When Ben switches schools, with what subject does he struggle?

Chapter Six

1. What did Ben teach the boys to do in the writing school?
2. How old was he in this chapter?
3. What did the sailor say he wanted from Ben?
4. What happened to Ben's brother, Josiah?
5. After reading this chapter, what did the sailor really want to do with Ben?

Chapter Seven

1. What was Ben's experiment at the start of the chapter?
2. Why did Ben choose the big pond in Green's meadow?
3. Did his invention work?
4. What was his next invention?
5. Did his next invention work?

Chapter Eight

1. What did Ben and Nathan buy and fix up together?
2. What did they name it?
3. What did people start calling Ben as a nickname and why?
4. When Ben went sailing with his friend, Jonathan and the squall came, what did he and Nathan have to do?
5. What did Jonathan's father say about the way they handled the situation?

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