Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Biography Review: Childhood of Famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin Young Printer Week Three Questions

Here's the week three questions for chapters 9-12:

Chapter Nine

1. Who is looking for Josiah Franklin's candle and soap shop at the start of the chapter?
2. Where is Ben's brother's new candle and soap shop located?
3. Why is the woman in the candle shop angry?
4. What is Ben doing in the candle shop?
5. What does Ben think of the woman from the candle shop?

Chapter Ten

1. How does Ben feel about the candle business?
2. What is his father afraid Ben will do?
3. Where does he take him in town to try to spark an interest in Ben?
4. What do the other apprentices want to do?
5. What do the constables say happened to the other 15 missing boys?

Chapter Eleven

1. What is James Franklin's job?
2. Where is he from and what does he want from his father?
3. What did he see at the home of Cotton Mather that he wished he could have himself?
4. What did John Collins allow Ben to do?
5. How did Ben get the money to buy his own books?

Chapter Twelve

1. What was the name of James Franklin's newspaper?
2. What does Ben want to do that he fears his brother wouldn't allow?
3. How does he end up getting his way?
4. Who is Silence Dogood?
5. What kinds of things does Mrs. Dogood make fun of? Give examples from the chapter.

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