Thursday, May 9, 2013

Biography Review: Childhood of Famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin Young Printer Week Four Questions

Here are the final week's questions for chapters 13 through 15, which is the last chapter in this biography. Have a great weekend everyone!

Chapter Thirteen

1. Why is James "cross and glum" in the beginning of this chapter?
2. Why does Ben decide to run away?
3. Who helps him run away and how?
4. How old was Ben when he ran away?
5. Where did Ben find a job as a printer?

Chapter Fourteen

1. What kind of book did Ben Franklin publish every year for 25 years?
2. Who did he marry?
3. As Ben became prosperous, what kinds of things did he start up in Philadelphia? Where did he give money?
4. What kinds of things did Ben invent?  List them.
5. What scientific achievement is described involving a kite and a key?  Explain what he did.

Chapter Fifteen

1. Where had Ben been when he returned to America at the beginning of the chapter?
2. To whom is the crowd comparing Ben?
3. Why is it said that Ben is "the best loved citizen in the United States of America?"
4. What date did Ben die?
5. Ben Franklin had many different descriptions. But what did Ben prefer to be called?

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