Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Mommy Writer's REVISED Early American History Plans! Term one of three

We're a few weeks into our new year here at our house and I've started up with our year 3 plans.  And I am not thrilled with them so they are under revision!  The original plans will stay in place for now on posts from April 16-18th of this year.  However, I will be replacing the quick links on the right side with the new plans as I finish them.

Today, I'm posting the revised plans for year 3, term 1.  I have decided to remove Story of the World as one of the planned family readings and focus instead on History of US with LOTS of projects and videos and extra readings.  It was just too much to try to study all at the same time and I want these plans to have an American History focus.

Here's the new link for term 1 of Early American History:


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Kristi said...

We have used MUS Primer through Gamma. My daughter doesn't use the blocks much but has never had an issue with'getting it'. My son uses the blocks constantly and also 'gets it'. I struggled in math in public school and it is so exciting to see my kids pick it up so easily. I love the teaching videos, and love that my kids enjoy them too. I hope to continue to use it all the way through homeschooling our four children. I think the pace is perfect!